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Classroom Expectations

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Mr Armstrong

Plymouth High School

Social Studies Department

Fall 2020-2021

Courses: US history


                  American Issues


Classroom Expectations: Please review these

1. Be ready to be flexible and open minded

2. Have computers available, charged, and be ready to use them everyday. .

3. Review the virtual learning contract. Attend both in house and virtually. It is here and on Google Classroom. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kBKoXQtFPNsuQ_b08t8pZEoycxsblb9Iw_KWwHCzi2w/edit?usp=sharing Virtual Learning Contract

4. Be responsible for your learning, your work, your motivation, and your attitude. 

5. Eating and drinking allowed in class. Please wipe down and clean up after yourself.

6. You will not leave the room to wander. You must do bathroom breaks in passing periods.

7. No cell phones in the classroom. Out of sight out of mind. Cell phone prison.

8. Be present in the moment to keep anxiety down. Don’t worry about the what if’s (can’t predict future), don’t worry about what happened (can’t change the past), do the best you can each day in the present because that is what you control. 


Be Covid-19 Cautious: 

  1. Please wear your mask properly. Use hand sanitizer. Wipe down your areas each class.

  2. Stay socially distanced.

  3. If you are sick, stay home. We will meet virtually, discuss work, complete work, and stay caught up.

  4. If you are confused, anxious, and frustrated,  welcome to the club. I am trying to be smart and cautious about this but not over react. If we all take precautions it slows it down. 


Grading scale Mr. Armstrong










































Grade categories and percentage of grade

Unit Assessments


Daily Assignments


Skills Assessments


Formative Assessments/Quizes



















B215 Classroom format 


  1. The WIKI, mrarmy.pbworks.com, will supply written, visual, and symbolic material for class. You are responsible for that material to meet the objectives of each unit, activity, or lesson.  No cell phones, or ear buds or headphonesStay engaged on the topic. Use the computer For learning only. NO games, NO joy riding, NO music, NO cyber bad things (texting, bullying), ALL class learning, ALL the time, with technology. Expand your reading and research knowledge if free of work. 
  2. No cell phones during class- No warnings, bring it up if I see it, Office if you dont't. Out of sight out of mind. Keep engaged in class. 25% of learning missed because of distraction. It will be put on my desk if you can't control yourself.
  3. No Ear buds, head phones on or around your head during class.
  4. If you leave class you need a pink pass 
  5. Bring computer juiced up and ready to go everyday. No day will be without using it. No power cords here.
  6. When you sit down in assigned seat, go to mrarmy.pbworks.com, go to class your in, and go to unit we are learning about. I will tell you what number lesson(S) we will work on for that day.
  7. MY TIME/YOUR TIME- I need time to explain and organize you will get your time to work. No Ear Buds. 
  8. Stay in assigned seats. Keep rows separated so I can walk through. Keep back packs under desks.
  9. Daily work due everyday, stay on it and it will add up for final. Final assessments due at end of units, keep working on them throughout unit. A McDonald's order allows 3 min. per customer order to complete work, not extension to tomorrow. You will have 25-35 min. to complete. Late work policy.docx
  10. Soft skills will be evaluated daily. Smart or dumb are not soft skills. Approach to school is.
  11. Individual work not group or partner work. Hand in separate work.
  12. Paperless for the most part
  13. High quality is not just one attempt. Do over or add to get there. Revision is part of the learning and formative assessment.
  14. Be present! Be aware. Be available. Be yourself as a student.



50% Summative final activities (8 to 12 points) or projects which are accumulative of all the activities and daily work. 

20% Daily Assignments (5 points). Not all assignments are graded. I will tell you when to turn them in.

20% Quizzes (15 points) on daily assignments, lectures, and discussion. They are to find out where you are at. 5 to 10 questions.

10% on formative assessments to check for understanding to see if you are getting there. These are activities, organizers,  and readings. Quizzes and final assessments are based off of these.

Count up the total points and the percentage is your grade by percentages. I do over ride for effort to higher grade when applicable.

Soft skills are always evaluated and a part of that override.


Grade Scale

A     100- 93%

A-    92.99- 90.00

B+   89.99- 87.00

B      86.99- 84.00

B-    83.99- 80.00

C+   79.99- 77.00

C      76.99- 74.00

C-     73.99- 70.00

D+   69.99- 67.00

D     66.99- 64.00

D-    63.99- 60.00

F       59.99 or Below



Late work policy

Daily assignments are due by the end of the unit they are assigned. Time stamps show if late. Daily assignments and Formative assessments are about where your going and what you are learning towards the summative assessment. After the next unit is two weeks old they will stay a zero (0).

Summative assessments will be made up within two weeks. Time stamps show your progress. You will be kept after school if necessary to finish. Stipulations are

1. Explain why it is late. Accountability. Feel remorse!! I should not have to ask you, you tell me.

2. Tell what you learned by not doing the work on time. Formative or summative work. Corrective measures.

Be accountable to me and yourself!

No stipulations or second chances if you are not accountable for your late work. 



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Bears can climb trees very well, "It is not my job to push dead bears up trees", don't be a dead bear!!

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