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21st Century

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Activity                                    21st century politics                          It says/ I say/ and so 


1.   I will give you three or four questions that will require you to draw an inference (go beyond the literal meaning) rather than just find information from the link. Go beyond common thinking and inspire new interpretations of the reading.

2.   Jot down notes from the reading in three columns. It says/I say/And so.

3.  Questions:    1.  Why do you think there is such a loyal following to the groups and leaders?     It says/ What do you say/conclude in the and so.

                        2.  Where is racism mostly a problem?     It says/ What do you say/conclude in the and so.

                        3.  What problems are there for the future from what you have read?   It says/ What do you say/conclude in the and so.

4. Share your charts and discuss with the class about what you think about the reading. Have an opinion positive or negatively about the message from the reading. MVP statement.



The Great Divorce 1960-2011 Republican split.docx   Republican party created a two caste system?



Activity                 Changing protests        Using technology instead of your voice to protest

http://www.ted.com/talks/jennifer_pahlka_coding_a_better_government.html Students using technology to make their country better not just their voice.12 min



Activity                                              Say something activity



Directions:  This is a think as you read activity where you are going to have brief conversations with a partner.

1. Get a partner to read with.

2. Come up with a plan on when you will read to and stop. Paragraphs, topics, etc.

3. Open a word document and title it your question you are trying to answer.

4. One person reads to the designated place to stop and briefly tells the partner what they read. The partner then adds it to the word document.

5. Switch roles and do the same. Exchange computers or open two word documents and combine them.

Share with the class what you learned.




http://www.whitehouse.gov/taxreceipt   What does the government and Obama tax us for and how much?



http://www.worldology.com/Interactive_Maps/index.htm  This site is interactive maps and has Iraq war. Choose the Iraq war after signing up.



Barack Obama "the protest song" President Activity

Scene is at Grant Park on November 4th,  2008. Barack Obama was just elected President of the U.S. He stands on a platform in the cold night air and tells more than 100,000 people: "Its been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment, change has come to America."

What did the new President of the United States mean?

Where did he get the idea for this Quote in his Speech?

How has Obama used protest songs and song lyrics to define his Presidency?

Research and interpret the following songs which are favorites of, written for, or quoted by Barack Obama.

Curtis Mayfield's- "Move on Up"

Sam Cooke - "A Change is Gonna Come"

Marvin Gaye- "Whats Going On"

Rolling Stones- "Gimme Shelter"

Aretha Franklin- "Think"

Will.I.Am- "Yes We Can"

Share what you have learned to define how you think the songs have influenced the new President?

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http://www.npr.org/blogs/therecord/2011/10/09/141155461/21st-century-protest-music-will-there-be-another-dylan-should-there-be?sc=tw&cc=twmp This site is about 21st century protest songs and how there is no Bob Dylan in the twenty first century.


Activity on Inference

An Inference is?

Sometimes someone will try to tell you something without coming right out and saying it. He will imply it. When you understand what is implied, you infer. Sometimes you can infer the truth even when the speaker or writer isn’t trying to be helpful. That’s called “reading between the lines.” Inference is to conclude or deduce from evidence.

Question: Why did time magazine make the protester the 2011 "Person of the year?

http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,2101745_2102134_2102355,00.html  multi media link that shows all areas of protest in the world.


Activity                              Making a playlist that highlights the 21st century




1. You as individuals will begin by signing up on mentormob for making a play list all about the 21st century.

2. Research links from my wiki or from key words from your list, group, label activity and begin making a playlist of highlights you think symbolize the 21st century.

3. All the bullets below are the things you will need on your mentormob playlist.

  • You will need 3 articles explaining people, places, or things on the 21st century and they must be reliable. You can't use Wikipedia and they have to be informative. Use online resources/subscriptions a good one would be sirs.
  • You also will need to find at least 15 photos that are from and about the 21st century and put it in a collage form. 
  • You will also find and list 5 websites that explain different aspects from the 21st century and different topics to share. 

4. When you are finished you share it with Mr. Armstorng and the class.

Exit: What is the most influential change from this century?  

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