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Twitter Account This link is the prep for the Civics Test for PHS students. Study independently.


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Relax and Breathe

At the beginning of College semesters the Phrase "I am Enough" and " mindfulness" spikes in usage and is googled and downloaded most often.  What are they searching for? What do they mean by being mindful?

mindfullnessHealth and Addictions Journal.docx Top 10 ways to be more mindful Top 10 ways to be more mindful original article. Article on West Milwaukee middle school that practices mindfulness.  I am enough video


Motivation not procrastination is going to lead you to success.



A black bear is a very strong climber and can go up a tree with ease. You are very capable of learning and can learn with ease. You are a strong learner.

"it's is not my job to push dead bears up trees", do not be a dead bear!


Image result for black bear climbing tree video of bear climbing tree. They are great at it when they want to.